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The Estate and Retirement Planning Center was created to provide each citizen with an opportunity to receive quality information geared towards the protection of their assets. Our staff evaluates individual situations, then makes a referral to an Elder Law attorney based on our experience with counsel in your county. Should you spend down your valuable assets and lose control of your finances to qualify for government aid? Let us assist you in assessing your government benefit plan readiness.

Estate and Retirement Planning Center

We at The Estate And Retirement Center are committed to using our experience and expertise to lighten these burdens for our clients. We offer a helping hand at every step and, even if nothing else, a sympathetic and understanding ear. We will guide you through the incredible complexities of Long-Term Care Planning and will show you how to get the benefits you deserve and how to avoid the many traps and pitfalls. We will be your mentor, your counselor, your navigator, your advisor and hopefully your friend..

Let us help you answer questions concerning Long-Term Care; including the Medicaid rules, V.A. qualification criteria, and financial and care planning strategies. We can provide information on issues such as understanding the importance of proper asset division and gifting under the new government laws.

Estate and Retirement Planning CenterWe are dedicated to protecting senior citizens and those who love them. We have found that with the changes in the law, there is one law for the informed and another law for the uninformed. We dedicate ourselves to giving our clients the power to be informed individuals and to achieve all of the benefits that the law guarantees.

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