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Tom Eaglehouse, Certified Estate and Trust Consultant and founder of the Estate and Retirement Planning Center graduated from St. Vincent College with a degree in business and finance. Tom began his career working in personal finance, then sales and management. He also started up and operated a successful small business for eleven years.

National Ethics AssociationIn 2003 Tom began working with seniors because of a desire to help them have a better outcome than what he was observing for his relatives and their friends. He witnessed first hand what a debilitating illness can do to a family. One of his grandfathers was diagnosed Tom Eaglehouse of Estate and Retirement Planning Centerwith colon cancer and his grandmother and parents helped care for him at home. Eventually his grandmother lost her sight and she was cared for at home by family members with outside assistance.
Tom's other grandfather passed away unexpectedly, leaving his grandmother in financial difficulty. After living with different children through the years and in subsidized housing she eventually ended up in a nursing home where she did not receive the best of care. Also, Tom's Aunt developed Alzheimer’s and spent a number of years in a care facility which cost her her entire estate.
A good friend of Tom's had Lou Gehrig's disease and died in his late forties, leaving behind a wife and three children. Tom’s father had Parkinson’s disease for many years and his family took care of him at home. This was very physically and emotionally draining especially for Tom’s mother. The experience enlightened Tom to the fact that this kind of thing can happen to anyone without warning. The Estate and Retirement Planning Center was created to help families better prepare for life’s unexpected situations.

For the remainder of Tom’s working years his goal is to assist seniors and their families in preparing solid comprehensive plans that cover the ‘what ifs’ of life while the loved one is living and carry out the loved ones wishes after they are gone. Being able to provide a family a real attainable solution is what drives Tom’s passion for assisting seniors and those who love them.

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