Ryan Naugle

Ryan Naugle is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that brings 15 years of experience in comprehensive planning and advice to The Estate and Retirement Planning Center. His well thought out approach to planning covers all areas including tax, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management. His expertise lies in bringing all the pieces of your financial life together.

Ryan lives in Greensburg with his wife Jolene and two children.  He became interested in investing as a teen, after he began working and accumulating cash.  He picked this up from his father who spent his entire working career helping families with their investments and insurance needs.  He heard his father talk about stocks, mutual funds and other investments and became very curious. This led him to a discussion about starting to invest.  His father found him a young investor’s fund that you could start with $100, and he was on his way.  Once he was able to see the power of compounding, it led him to look for more side jobs to accumulate more money so he could watch it grow.

As the time for college came near, he was like most high school kids and had no real idea what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.  His parents had always placed great value on education and wanted him to see the importance of his.  He initially pursued an education degree because he wanted to help people learn to better themselves. At the same time his passion for investments had changed from a hobby to a part time job, spending as much time with adults who were active investors as he could.  One day his father said, “Why don’t you pursue this as your career?”  His answer seemed logical at the time when he replied, “This is easy stuff, and no one would pay me to do this.”  His dad simply laughed as he walked away and said, “Trust me son, not everyone enjoys this and thinks it is as easy as you do.”

This was the beginning of what brought Ryan to where he is today.  The financial planning field allowed him to do the coaching for proper investment planning to help people realize their goals.  These goals vary from planning for and through retirement, providing education for their children and grandchildren, or leaving a legacy to their heirs.  For Ryan, the legacy is the best part of the plan.  Many people think their legacy is just the dollars and cents they leave behind, but a well executed plan gives their heirs the values and insights that they used to get to where they are today, just as Ryan’s parents did for him.

As an undergraduate, Ryan earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance, with a concentration in investment management, from the University of Pittsburgh. In 2004, Ryan completed all of the requirements to become a Certified Financial Planner™. Aligning himself with an organization such as the CFP® board means that Ryan is held to rigorous ethical standards and must maintain an understanding of all the complexities of the changing financial climate. He will always make recommendations in his client’s best interest, upholding the integrity and standards of professional conduct entrusted to him by the board.

Ryan's philosophy that a good financial planner should have a heart of an educator has led him to earn the advanced designations of ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant, and CASL®, Chartered Advisor for Senior Living. In addition, he received his MBA in December of 2014.




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