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Institute of Business & Finance Announces a New CES™ Designee

San Diego, CA, March 11, 2013 - The Institute of Business & Finance (IBF) recently awarded Tom Eaglehouse with the CES™ (Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™). This graduate-level designation is conferred upon candidates who complete a 135+ hour educational program focusing on trusts, wills, probate, retirement benefits, caring for children, and what should be done after the death of a loved one. Over $50 trillion is expected to pass from one generation to another during the next half century.

CES™ certification requires mastery of different types of trusts, ownership rules, disinheritance, probate, pay-on-death accounts, insurance, spousal restrictions, special needs, conservatorships, and managing assets. According to IBF, "There are a large number of estate planning books and courses offered. The CES™ program one of the only courses that covers all aspects of estate planning including what needs to be done after death."

The student must pass three comprehensive exams and a written case study as well as adhere to the IBF Code of Ethics and IBF Standards of Practice as well as fulfill annual continuing education requirements. The CES™ program is designed for brokers and advisors who have clients in their 60s or older as well as those who may be providing care to an aging relative.

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS & FINANCE – Founded in 1988, IBF is a non-profit provider of financial education and designations to members of the financial services industry. IBF is the fourth oldest provider of financial certification marks in the United States. In 1988, IBF launched its first certification program, CFS® (Certified Fund Specialist®). Today IBF offers four additional financial designation programs: CAS® (Certified Annuity Specialist®), CES™ (Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™), CIS™ (Certified Income Specialist™) and CTS™ (Certified Tax Specialist™).

Submitted by: Tim Mitchell
Date: May 10, 2012

Tom Eaglehouse – Asset Preservation and Distribution Consultant
Integrity is the driving force behind the business conducted by Tom Eaglehouse, one of today's leading consultants in the area of retirement planning. He is the founder of the Estate and Retirement Planning Center in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and is a member of the National Ethics Association. Eaglehouse began working with the senior population because of a desire to assist them in creating better outcomes related to their retirement years. His ultimate goal when working with his clients is to be able to provide a solution that will preserve and protect their hard earned assets, maintain their lifestyle and pass on their estate to their heirs in the most tax reduced manner.

Tom with Hines Ward and Rocky Blier

The journey to the formation of the Estate and Retirement Planning Center has been a very personal one for Eaglehouse. A graduate of St. Vincent College with a degree in business and finance, he began his professional career working in personal finance, sales, and management and eventually became a business owner. In 2003 he began working with seniors because he had family members and friends that experienced debilitating illnesses and he observed the financial consequences as well as the emotional pain they and their families suffered as a result. Determined to make a difference for people that may face similar circumstances, Eaglehouse formed his firm to help families better prepare for life's unexpected situations.

The firm is committed to using their experience and expertise to lighten the burdens for their clients related to retirement planning. They offer a helping hand at every step and guide clients through the incredible complexities of asset preservation and distribution planning, showing each client how to get the benefits they deserve and how to avoid the many inherent traps and pitfalls often associated with such preparation. They are able to answer questions and give guidance related to Medicare and Medicaid rules, Veterans Administration qualifying criteria and financial and care planning strategies. Additionally, Eaglehouse works in conjunction with a very experienced elder law and tax attorney and they place great importance on having the proper legal documents necessary to provide families access to the maximum benefits available under the law.

Eaglehouse conducts free ninety minute educational workshops at various locations for retirees and those that are contemplating retirement in the near future. In the workshops, attendees are given carefully outlined information related to all aspects of retirement planning. In addition, Eaglehouse offers each family the opportunity to have a one hour free consultation to discuss their estate in detail. As a leading authority in asset preservation and distribution planning issues, Eaglehouse is putting his expertise on the written page as the author of an upcoming book in which he will discuss his successful planning strategies and the importance of integrity in the estate planning business. He has also been a featured guest on "Leading Experts." Additional information about Eaglehouse and the Estate and Retirement Planning Center is available at

Tom Eaglehouse Unveils How To Avoid Overpaying For Life Insurance
Greensburg, PA. –Asset Preservation and Distribution Consultant Tom Eaglehouse informs life insurance policy holders that they may be paying as much as 70% too much for their life insurance.

The life insurance industry has a standardized pricing system called the Commissioners Standard Ordinary Mortality Rates (CSO). The most recent study was conducted in 2001. Prior to this study, the last prices were calculated in 1980.

"Over this 20 year gap, the table represents a 30 percent reduction in policyholder cost," said Tom Eaglehouse, Founder of The Estate and Retirement Planning Center. "This reduction could be even higher depending on when your policy was put in place."

Eaglehouse informs that while the study was done in 1980, the lower prices were not implemented until 1988. Policyholders that bought insurance during the lapsed time period may actually be paying an even higher rate.

"Bottom line, there are a lot of policies that are priced better in the market," said Eaglehouse. "The best way to ensure against over paying or getting less than you've paid for is to get a life insurance policy review completed by a knowledgeable advisor."

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About Tom Eaglehouse: Tom Eaglehouse began his career working in personal finance, followed by sales and management. He created and operated a successful small business for eleven years and in 2003 he began working with seniors after witnessing firsthand what a debilitating illness can do to a family.

The Estate and Elder Planning Center was created to help families better prepare for life's unexpected situations. Being able to provide a family a solution and peace of mind is what drives Tom's passion for assisting seniors and those who love them.

Tom is also a member of the National Ethics Association and is working toward certification as an Estate and Trust Specialist™.


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